The mobile phone guide

The complete mobile guide to computer accessories, network cards, specialised software for smartphones, mobile applications, mobile VPN access, SIM cards and USB keys.

The mobile phone guide

Smartphone & Mobile

Smartphone trends, mobile phones under Android, iOS or Windows Phone on

Tablets and iPads

The most coveted tablet, iPad, MacBook, Ultrabook and PC accessory models.

The latest mobile packages

The latest mobile packages - compare in one click!

Operators in the telecoms market offer a wide range of deals to mobile users. The mobile packages available today can be compared in a few minutes online so you can enjoy unlimited calls and free internet connection.


Packages with or without commitment dedicated to Android smartphones and mobile devices.


Tailor-made mobile plans for iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and all iOS devices.

Major brands and manufacturers

Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches

Internet and mobile operators in France

Telecommunications professionals, internet and mobile operators present in France tailor their mobile internet package offers to the users’ needs.


The reference in internet access and mobile offers with its numerous deals.

Numericable by SFR

SFR’s internet and mobile offer, focusing on internet access, mobile networks and TV.

Bouygues Telecom

The historic telecom network operator providing internet access via fibre or ADSL.

Latest innovations for your mobile phones

The latest generation of mobile phones offer more intuitive, immersive experiences, better functionality and more advanced design. In addition to touchscreens, innovations are multiplying as mobile technologies develop.

Smartphones without ports or buttons

Presence of under-screen camera

Integrated fingerprint sensor

Automatic on/off mode

Latest innovations for your mobile phones
Mobile application

Mobile application: Which technology to choose?

Native applications

Mobile applications for specific operating systems: Android, iOS.

Hybrid applications

Mobile applications developed according to standards for greater accessibility.

Wifi and internet connection

Access to the Wi-Fi network and an Internet connection is based on the data transfer system used by the Ethernet cable. ADSL or fibre. The ideal choice depends on your needs.


The digital link on a subscriber line with an asymmetrical speed.


Voice over Internet Protocol technology for its network.

Optical fibre

Fibre optic networks for high speed connection.

e SIM 1

e-SIM - All about this 100% digital SIM card

100% digital, the e-SIM is quickly activated online and offers similar functionality to traditional SIM cards. It allows you to make/receive calls, send SMS, create a contact list and connect to the Internet. SimOptions tells you the secrets and advantages of e-SIMs.

The digital SIM card secures phone transactions and digitalizes the professional mobile packages. It dematerializes the use of physical cards to access the mobile operators’ offers.

Essential connected objects: our selection

At the dawn of the smart home, connected objects are becoming part of users’ daily lives. They can be programmed from any type of mobile device.

The connected camera

The connected camera

Security cameras connected to your smartphone to better monitor your living space.

The connected thermostat

The connected thermostat

Connected thermostats to simplify the settings of your various heating appliances.

The connected air conditioner

The connected air conditioner

Air conditioners connected to the mobile network to keep a cool and relaxing atmosphere.